The Ice Lord Prime Minister’s Black-Bellied Wife (冰殿相爺腹黑妻)


Title: The Ice Lord Prime Minister’s Black-Bellied Wife (冰殿相爺腹黑妻)

Chapters: 161 + 3 side stories

Status: Complete

Author: Red Bean Pudding (小豆布丁)

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“I can’t believe my eyes. The ice lord actually kissed a man. God, help me!”

“I’m surprised that the son of the Bai family is actually the ugly and stupid second young miss!”

Who was it who melted the ice lord’s exterior and caused the awakening of his hidden gentle side?

She is black-bellied and crafty. She would never consider herself a good person, and would not go out of her way to provoke other people. But, once she is provoked, she will pay it back 1000-fold, showing no mercy.

He is cold and detached, elegant, magnanimous, and known as the ice lord, a heartless gentleman.

Will sparks fly when the iceberg collides with a black-belly? Is it hopeless, or will there be excitement?

Excerpt 1:

“What did you say?”

Bai Xi wrinkled her brow. Was she cheated again? “Eh… Congratulations, gentleman Yue Hua on winning the title of the number one scholar.”

“Repeat the last sentence.”


“Say the last sentence again.”

Bai Xi stressed, word by word, “Gentleman Yue Hua is well versed in scholarly arts and martial arts, an unblemished treasure. You really deserve to be chosen as the emperor’s son-in-law.”

“What? The emperor’s son-in-law? Is this a martial arts competition?”

Bai Xi’s eyes narrowed. The enmity with Feng Ming is too great.

Excerpt 2:

“Little Xi Xi, what is so good about him? He is just a big iceberg.”

Bai Xi looked at the iceberg man next to her. “Mm, Let me think about it. Eh… Mm… His appearance is not bad, and he is a very gentle and kind person.”

Barely after she was finished speaking, everyone in the palace was immediately petrified. Gentle and kind?

Bai Xi suddenly sighed again. “Tch, it’s too bad. Not long ago, gentleman Yue Hua was proclaimed to the world, Feng…” She hasn’t even finished her words when the man’s lips stop her from speaking, her argument stifled.

Excerpt 3:

“Madam Feng, when you have time, can you give me children?”

“I have no time.”

“So today is no good.” At those words, the man is oppressed.

“Mother, your son is bullying me.”

“If you have my grandson, you are free to come.” The sound is cold and cruel, and the urgent footsteps stop abruptly.

“Xi Xi, next time mother will help teach this iceberg again.” That voice gradually started to fade. “Right, little Ming, you must succeed in the first attempt. Do not fail!”

Chapter 1 – Destined Meeting
Chapter 2 – Secret
Chapter 3 – Affectionate
Chapter 4 – You Are The Most Beautiful
Chapter 5 – Are You Still My Xi’r?
Chapter 6 – The Difference Between a Slap and a Beating
Chapter 7 – To Suffer the Consequences of One’s Own Actions
Chapter 8 – Cannot Thoroughly Understand Older Brother
Chapter 9 – Unexpectedly Meeting Once Again
Chapter 10 – His Excellency, The Ice Lord
Chapter 11 – Plans From The Heart
Chapter 12
Chapter 13 – Life History is a Mystery
Chapter 14 – Gentleman Gui Debuts (part 1)
Chapter 15 – Gentleman Gui Debuts (part 2)
Chapter 16 – Gentleman Gui Debuts (part 3)
Chapter 17 – Gentleman Gui Debuts (part 4)
Chapter 18 – Gentleman Gui Debuts (part 5)
Chapter 19 – Ice Lord Feng Ming
Chapter 20 – Chinese Valentine’s Day (part 1)
Chapter 21 – And Together with the Ice Lord at the Qi Xi Festival (part 2)
Chapter 22 – And Together with the Ice Lord at the Qi Xi Festival (part 3)
Chapter 23 – And Together with the Ice Lord at the Qi Xi Festival (part 4)
Chapter 24 – And Together with the Ice Lord at the Qi Xi Festival (part 5)
Chapter 25 – And Together with the Ice Lord at the Qi Xi Festival (part 6)
Chapter 26 – And Together with the Ice Lord at the Qi Xi Festival (part 7)
Chapter 27 – And Together with the Ice Lord at the Qi Xi Festival (part 8)
Chapter 28 – Ice Lord Moves House
Chapter 29 – Becoming Neighbours
Chapter 30 – Persistent? Give Up?
Chapter 31 – The Start of Problems
Chapter 32 – Should Get Married
Chapter 33 – Mid-Autumn Festival (part 1)
Chapter 34 – Enthusiasm at the Mid-Autumn Festival (part 2)