Call Me the Mother of Quick Transmigration: Chapter 232

Translator: Jalyss
Editor: Odyssey

Chapter 232 – My Daughter Will Not Sacrifice Everything For Her Younger Brother (part 4) 

Having solved the housing and education issues, the next thing to consider was the job issue. Although there was still a lot of money in Li Su’s space, Li Su didn’t plan on just sitting and eating. She also didn’t know if she would have a chance to be rich next time. If not, then what would she do when all the money and things in the space had been spent? 

Furthermore, women still had to find something to do. Otherwise, what would she do? She didn’t plan on falling in love. She might as well work.  

The question was, what job should she get? 

First, the job had to be flexible with time. She had a daughter to pick up. Salary didn’t matter.  

After much deliberation, Li Su intended to publish on the internet. She had travelled through so many times. Even if she didn’t write about the things she had experienced, she had seen and heard a lot of bizarre stories. If she wrote about those things, someone would surely read it. 

After the decision was made, Li Su immediately ordered broadband and a computer on her cell phone. 

After finishing all this, Li Su went to the supermarket downstairs, bought a lot of meat, vegetables, and fresh prawns, and prepared to cook a big meal in the evening to treat herself and her daughter.  

These days, because a lot of things happened, most of the time they ate fast food and takeaway, which was generally not nutritious. 

After finishing the meat and vegetables, Li Su checked the time. It was almost time to pick up Zhang Yao. Li Su packed up and prepared to go to the kindergarten. When she was going out, she looked at the shoe cabinet. There was a pair of high heels and a pair of sneakers. She chose the latter.  

Since she promised her daughter that she would be the first child who was picked up, she must be well equipped, otherwise how could she outrun those old men and women? The kindergarten here did not have strict security. There was no such thing as swiping a card to enter. The teacher made the judgment call. 

It was probably because there was a police station next to the kindergarten, so it was very safe!  

Those old men and old ladies were experienced. When the supermarket opened and items were on special, it was a whirlwind. They all ran like they were flying. 

When Li Su arrived at the kindergarten, there were already a lot of old men and women standing at the door to pick up their grandchildren. Li Su looked at the time. It was ten minutes before the door opened. 

With the advantage of her figure, Li Su squeezed through the crowd and successfully made it to the front. She stopped playing with her cell phone and was ready to be the first to rush in. 

When the time came, the door of the kindergarten opened, and the crowd rushed in. The scene was like the gates of a dam opening. 

Li Su didn’t have time to think about it. She hurried forward. 

She ran to the door of the class, panting. She saw her daughter’s surprised eyes. Li Su smiled and said, “Look, mum is really the first to come…” Before she could finish speaking, she was pushed to the side by an old lady. 

“Get out of the way.” 

When the mother and daughter went out, they were not so anxious. On the playground, many children had not left the kindergarten yet and were still playing on the slides and swings.  

Li Su noticed that Zhang Yao glanced over there and said with a smile, “Would you like to go play? If you want to go, then go!” 

Zhang Yao shook her head. “No, mum. Let’s go home!”  

However, Li Su dragged her over. “Just play if you want. It’s still early. Don’t worry.”  

In the end, Zhang Yao couldn’t resist the temptation to play on the slide and played happily.  

On the way home, Li Su saw someone selling strawberries that were big and red. Li Su saw that many people were buying them, so she also went over to buy some. 

Zhang Yao stopped her. “Mum, strawberries are very expensive.”  

“Mum likes to eat them!” Li Su said as she bought two kilograms worth.  

Zhang Yao was very distressed when she saw that Li Su gave one hundred yuan and only got a few ten yuan in exchange. It was a lot of money. 

When it was time to eat, Zhang Yao felt even more distressed when she saw the dishes on the table. “Mum! There’s only the two of us. There’s no need to cook so many dishes!”  

Li Su smiled and patted Zhang Yao’s head. “It’s a bit more. However, today is special. We are celebrating mum finding a job. It won’t be such a waste in the future!” 

Zhang Yao immediately looked at Li Su. “Mum, have you found a job? What kind of job is it?” Her mother used to work in the office and often had to work overtime, so she came home very late.  

“Mum decided to be an online author. It will have flexible hours and I can take care of you, okay?” Li Su said with a smile. 

“Writing? What writing?” Zhang Yao asked.  

“It’s just to write stories for those who may like it.” Li Su thought for a while before she explained.  

“Oh, I see. You will be a writer, right?” Zhang Yao said excitedly. Her mother would be a writer! 

“Hehehe, you can say that.” Li Su was a little embarrassed. An online writer… She could barely be considered an online writer!  

“That’s great, Mum, you’re awesome!” Zhang Yao ran over and said as she hugged Li Su. 

Li Su smiled. “Hurry up and wash your hands. It’s time to eat!” 

The mother and daughter were very happy with the meal. Zhang Yao was very supportive, and while eating, she kept praising her mother. “It’s really delicious, mum. The food you cook is so delicious. It’s even better than the food in the big restaurant. ”  

Li Su couldn’t stop laughing. This kid was so supportive. 

After dinner, Li Su and Zhang Yao went downstairs for a walk. They were afraid that they would not digest all the food they ate. 

Li Su wanted to take Zhang Yao to walk down the street, but Zhang Yao wanted to go to the park nearby. Li Su knew that Zhang Yao was afraid that she would spend more money, but Li Su originally planned to take her to buy some clothes. The weather forecast said that the weather was going to change tomorrow, and she still didn’t have many clothes. It was too late to buy online. 

So, people on the street saw such a strange scene. The mother kept holding the clothes for her daughter to try on, and she bought them when she was satisfied. But the daughter refused to try them on. “Mum, I have enough clothes. Don’t buy more. I’m growing very fast and I won’t be able to wear them soon.” 

Li Su was a little helpless, so she only bought three sets of clothes. “Okay, then instead of buying clothes, we can buy a few more pairs of shoes!”  

After buying two pairs of shoes, Zhang Yao refused to buy any more. “Mum, buy it for yourself. I don’t want anymore.”  

Li Su smiled. “Mum bought clothes and shoes online. If you don’t believe me, the courier will arrive in two days and you’ll see it then.”  

But Zhang Yao refused to try again.  

Li Su had to give up. 

“Mum, let’s go home!” Zhang Yao said while holding Li Su’s hand. It was not easy for her mother to make money. 

Seeing that it was getting late, Li Su also planned to go back. She turned and saw a toy store near them. A Western-style doll caught her attention.  

That doll… 

“Yao’er, let’s go in and have a look.” Li Su took Zhang Yao’s hand and went in.  

“Mum! I don’t like toys!” Zhang Yao shouted anxiously. 

Li Su quickly picked up the doll, paid for it, then turned around and handed it to Zhang Yao. “Yao’er, look, does this doll look like the one you wanted to buy on your birthday last year?”  

Zhang Yao hugged the doll, her eyes turning red all of a sudden. “Mum, I’ve grown up and I don’t like dolls anymore.” 

Zhang Yao might have said that, but Li Su saw how she was holding the doll carefully. How could Zhang Yao not like it? It was nothing more than the fear that Li Su would spend money indiscriminately.  

“Okay, if you don’t like it, your mother won’t buy it for you in the future. But this one has already been paid for and can’t be refunded. Just accept it, okay?” Li Su said with a smile. 

Zhang Yao looked at the shop owner. “Auntie, can we not return this? I don’t like this doll.”  

But Li Su winked at the shopkeeper from behind. The shopkeeper auntie understood what Li Su meant and said with a smile, “No, you can’t refund the doll.” 

Zhang Yao bit her lip. “Okay then. Mum, don’t buy me anything randomly in the future, okay?”  

Li Su touched Zhang Yao’s head. “Okay, your mother promises you that your mother will buy you something with your consent, okay?” 

Zhang Yao smiled, but hugged the doll tightly.  

The shop owner said with a smile, “Your baby is so sensible!” She had seen many children crying and wanting to buy a toy, even though they already had several at home. It was the first time she had seen such a sensible child. 

But Li Su said, “I really hope she doesn’t need to be so sensible.” It was because she didn’t feel safe enough, that’s why Zhang Yao was like this. She had to work harder!  

The next day, someone came to install broadband. In the afternoon, the computer arrived. 

Li Su registered an account on Jinjiang1 and started writing. She was a person who didn’t like writing outlines and was the kind of person who wanted to write what she wanted to. Fortunately, she knew the general outline of the story in her heart. Although she knew it was bad, she liked it.  

Li Su quickly compiled 3,000 words. She checked for typos and uploaded it after. She then turned off her computer and went downstairs with her phone. While there was still some time before she had to go to the kindergarten, she decided to go to the vegetable market to buy some vegetables.  

Zhang Yao ate at the kindergarten at noon.  

When When Li Su went to the kindergarten after shopping, the entrance was already occupied by aunts and uncles. Li Su had to occupy the position of the second batch, and then observed the terrain, thinking about which route was closer when the garden gate opened. Li Su went to the kindergarten after shopping, the entrance was already occupied by aunts and uncles. Li Su had to occupy the position of the second batch, and then observed the terrain, thinking about which route was closer when the garden gate opened.  

As soon as the gate of the garden opened, Li Su tried her best to rush in. In the end, with the advantage of being young and healthy, she was the first to rush to the door of the class to greet her daughter. 

Zhang Yao was actually very happy to be the first to be picked up every day. However, when she saw her mother sweating, Zhang Yao couldn’t bear it. “Mum, you don’t need to be the first to pick me up in the future. It’s hard for you!”  

Li Su touched her daughter’s hair. “It’s not hard work. Your mother just thinks it’s a workout and that it saves money since I don’t need to go to the gym.” 

Were there too few hairpins on her daughter’s headband? Her daughter was so pretty. She needed a pretty hairpin to match!  

Forget it. She would go back and wait for her to go to school, then go and buy some for her daughter. This little girl was reluctant to spend money. 

In the evening, after Zhang Yao fell asleep, Li Su turned on the computer. She logged into Jinjiang, and looked at the situation of her novel. She discovered that, although she uploaded the text, she did not set it to publish it immediately, so it was in the archive. She did not set a publication time. 

So the 3,000 words were still sitting in her manuscript box.  

Li Su quickly set the time and published it immediately. She looked at her phone. It was only 9pm. It was still early, so she could just write some more! 

1.Jingjiang (晉江文學城) aka jjwxc (jin jiang wen xue cheng) – a publishing site for novels. This is the same site that CMMQT is published on.

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