Call Me the Mother of Quick Transmigration: Chapter 187

Translator: Jalyss
Editor: Odyssey

Chapter 187 – The Old Madam is from a Scholarly Family (part 1) 

The sky was slightly bright, and there was no one else in the room. Li Su quietly entered the space and saw that the things were still inside. She breathed a long sigh of relief. Fortunately, she had already prepared. There were eight boxes of RMB and US dollars, and two boxes of gold jewellery. She had planned to prepare a box of gold bricks, but she was afraid that the gold bricks would be too eye-catching and would not be easy to sell. So, she replaced it with gold bracelets, gold necklaces, and other things. There was some precious jewellery that she treasured. These were the magic weapons for her to settle down in the future! 

Li Su proudly looked around, nodded with satisfaction, and then walked out of the space with a gold bracelet.  

As soon as she left the space, she heard movement outside. 

Li Su opened the door and a young woman knelt in front of the door with two children, a boy and a girl. The two children were twins, and their appearances were not very similar. It was likely that one looked like their father and the other looked like their mother. They were about five or six years old. When the young woman saw Li Su come out, she quickly kowtowed to her. “Mother, please, don’t sell the girl! Your daughter-in-law will make more needles and thread in the future to make more money, so please!” 

“It’s early in the morning. What’s the point of crying? It’s unlucky.” Li Su imitated the tone of the original body. “Who said I wanted to sell the girl? My son is a scholar. How can there be a scholar who sells their sons and daughters? You are not afraid of being embarrassed.” 

The young woman was overjoyed. “Is that true? Thank you, mother. I will do more needlework and make more money.” 

The boy next to her widened his eyes. “But grandma, I clearly heard you and Mrs. Xu say that the family owes a lot of debts, so you have to sell younger sister to pay the debts.” 

The young married woman hurriedly covered her son’s mouth. “Boy Yuan, don’t talk nonsense!”  

“You two talk. Don’t be afraid of being embarrassed!” Li Su said with a stern face.  

The young married woman hurried in with the pair of children. 

Li Su sighed. “A-Yu failed many times. It’s not easy for him to study at home, and your father was seriously ill two years ago. In order to treat him, the family still owes a lot of debts. You know what the current situation is at home. Yesterday, Mrs. Xu came to borrow money. In order to dissuade her, I deliberately lied to her and said that there is no rice to cook at home and that I will sell the girl.” 

The young married woman was still very simple and immediately believed Li Su. Although her children were smart, they were still young and believed it.  

“Thank you, mother! I knew that mother is the most kind-hearted!” the young married woman said quickly in order to please Li Su. 

“Okay, stop talking nonsense. You all know the situation at home now. I have to sell some dowry. Yingniang, come here.” Li Su beckoned her daughter-in-law to come over, and then took out a golden bracelet from her sleeve. 

“This is a gold bracelet from my dowry. You can take it to the pawnshop quietly and see how much money you can get. If you can’t get much, it’s fine! These things are merely items. When my son is successful, how many gold bracelets will we be able to buy?” Li Su said. “You also need to do less needlework. Don’t ruin your eyes. A-Yu will return as a first-class candidate who passed the provincial exam1. You are blind. Don’t embarrass A-Yu!” 

Yingniang was moved to tears. She was a very traditional woman. She considered her husband as her god. When her husband was absent, her mother-in-law was the god. She believed in her mother-in-law’s words. There was no doubt about the origin of this gold bracelet. 

On the other hand, Boy Yuan had some doubts. If this was really the old madam’s dowry, why didn’t she take it out when grandpa was sick and had to pay to see a doctor? 

Boy Yuan couldn’t understand it, but he knew that if the family had money, his younger sister would not be sold. Therefore, Boy Yuan was also very happy. 

Li Su sighed after coaxing her daughter-in-law and grandchildren to leave. 

Li Su didn’t lie. The original owner did not plan to sell her granddaughter this time. She and Mrs. Xu were really joking. At that time, the original owner still had the spirit of a scholar, and disdained selling sons and daughters. She believed that, as long as she survived this period and her son passed the exam and became a successful candidate who passed the provincial exam, then everything would be different. 

But, not long after, her son Li Yu came back in shambles. It turned out that Li Yu was arrogant and his words offended people. On the night before the provincial exam, he was beaten up. He missed the provincial exam and was angry and full of regret. 

At that time, the original owner really panicked. Not only did her son not succeed, but he was also terminally ill. The family had no money to treat her son. 

The original owner really had no choice. One day, she lied and said that she took her granddaughter, Girl Ru, out to borrow money, but Girl Ru was lost on the way. Yingniang cried a lot. She knew that her mother-in-law sold her daughter so that she could get a doctor for her husband. One side was her terminally ill husband and the other was her own flesh and blood. Yingniang had no choice. 

Although Li Yu had recovered, he still needed to spend money to support his health and study. The original owner had no choice but to do the same thing again. She was reluctant to sell her only grandson, so she quietly sold her daughter-in-law to a passing trader. For the sake of face, the original owner also lied and said that her daughter-in-law had eloped with someone because her husband was seriously ill. 

All of this was done secretly, so everyone believed it and accused Yingniang of being ruthless and shameless. 

Li Yu knew everything his mother did, but for the sake of face, he pretended not to know. Even when outsiders accused and insulted Yingniang, he pretended to be in pain. 

They relied on the money from selling Yingniang and Girl Ru. After Li Yu recovered from his illness, he went to teach in a private school and helped others to copy and write letters. The next 3 years for the Li family went by smoothly. 

Three years later, Li Yu successfully passed the provincial exam. Then, he took part in the civil servant exam, but unfortunately failed. Li Yu did not lose heart and continued to study hard at home. Six years later, he finally successfully passed the civil servant exam and became a second-class graduate. During this period, many people proposed to Li Yu, but Li Yu refused. Because of this, he also gained a reputation for being an affectionate person. 

Later, when Li Yu’s family went to Gold Mountain Temple to offer incense, they happened to encounter the widowed princess of Prince Kang’s mansion who was mourning the loss of her husband. The princess took a fancy to him and he was recruited as the princess’ consort. Being the princess’ consort was not as good as being the official son-in-law of the emperor, but he could enter the court as an official. Prince Kang was the younger brother of His Majesty. His Majesty trusted Prince Kang deeply. If his wife had such a family, then his future career could be realised! 

But then something unexpected happened. 

On the night of their marriage, in the bridal chamber, Li Yu and the princess drank a glass of wine lovingly. They had just put down the glass when they suddenly they both felt a sharp pain in their chests at the same time. After a while, they fell to the ground. 

The servants in the room turned pale with fright and screamed. The princess was Prince Kang’s only beloved daughter, and she was highly favored. Now that they had died tragically, the servants wouldn’t be able to live anymore. 

At the same time, there was a scream from Mother Li’s house. Everyone saw Li Yu’s son, Li Yuan, walking out of Mother Li’s house with a sharp blade in his hand. 

To everyone’s horror, Li Yuan told them of Li Yu and Mother Li selling his younger sister and his mother. Li Yuan also said that Prince Kang’s mansion helped force his younger sister to death. Then, in front of everyone, he slit his neck with the knife. 

At the same time, the streets and alleys were covered with white paper that had all the actions of Li Yu and Prince Kang’s mansion. 

Prince Kang’s mansion was caught off guard, so the matter spread. 

It turned out that Li Yuan had guessed what Li Yu and Li Su did at the time, but he had no evidence. He had been secretly paying attention to the investigation for so many years. Finally, last year, he found the whereabouts of his younger sister. It turned out that his younger sister was sold into a brothel and became Prince Kang’s mistress. 

Prince Kang doted on his younger sister a lot, and Li Yuan felt a little relieved. He thought about taking his younger sister out of there. But, Li Yuan saw that his younger sister seemed to have really fallen in love with Prince Kang. He was afraid of making a rash appearance and hurting his younger sister. Therefore, Li Yuan was in a dilemma. But, he didn’t expect that Prince Kang’s older sister took a fancy to his father. Li Yuan knew that it was not good. When he went to his younger sister’s residence again, he found that his younger sister had died tragically. From the mouth of the servant girl who served his younger sister, he learned that it was Prince Kang who strangled his sister to death himself. When his younger sister died, she was three months pregnant. 

Li Yuan was full of remorse. He hated his father and grandmother. They were ruthless, unscrupulous, and shameless. He hated himself for not taking his younger sister away earlier. As a result, he ended up sacrificing his younger sister in vain. He hated that Prince Kang was ruthless and unjust. He hated Prince Kang’s mansion, who acted with utter disregard for human life! 

Li Yuan was determined to avenge his mother and younger sister, so he planned.  

As soon as this matter came out, the officials and censors of the officials filed papers one after another. Some of them participated in Li Yu’s immorality, and some of them participated in Prince Kang’s mansion’s disregard for life, and more. 

In the end, the emperor issued a decree to deprive Li Yu of all his fame. Prince Kang had his position stripped and his salary reduced by 80%.  

As for the dead Li Yuan, he killed his father and did something rebellious. Li Yuan’s corpse was whipped for 3 days to set an example to others. 

Prince Kang was the male lead of this story. He was a famous playboy in the capital. He really liked Ru’er, otherwise he would not have taken the risk of keeping her in an outside house as a mistress. It was just that, compared to his older sister’s happiness, the prince decided to give up on Ru’er. After that incident, he changed his mind and worked hard. After his injury was healed, he went to the frontier to join the army, experienced all sorts of battles, and got to know the female lead of this story. The female lead was a foreign princess. The two experienced countless twists and turns, and finally ended up getting married, happily together forever. 

Li Su shook her head helplessly when she thought of this. Although Prince Kang’s mansion had deserved what happened to it, the original owner and Li Yu were the ones who started everything. 

If it wasn’t for them being ruthless, things wouldn’t necessarily have ended up like that. Her task this time was Li Yu, Li Yuan and Li Ru. 

Yes, because of gaining the space, Li Su’s tasks had also increased. The system was really unwilling to take any loss! 

But it didn’t matter. Li Su would do whatever was necessary and adapt to the situation. She had nothing to be afraid of.  

“Grandma, you really won’t sell younger sister?” Li Su turned around and saw Li Yuan looking at her. 

“Why would I sell your younger sister? Such a thin and small girl won’t fetch much. It’s better to sell you since you are much fatter than your younger sister!” Li Su said angrily. 

But Li Yuan laughed. He knew that grandma liked him the most, so she would be reluctant to sell him! “Grandma is reluctant to sell me. I’m grandma’s grandson!” When he finished saying that, he threw himself into Li Su’s arms. 

“It’s good that you know that. Don’t worry. Although life is a little more difficult now, it will be better when your father passes the provincial exam,” Li Su said while holding her grandson. 

“Grandma, I will eat less in the future and save things for my younger sister. My younger sister is young and can’t eat much,” Li Yuan said seriously. 

After all, he was still afraid that grandma would sell his sister! He thought that as long as he coaxed his grandma well, grandma wouldn’t sell his younger sister. 

Li Su rolled her eyes. This clever little kid… 

1.(舉人) this term is specifically used for a successful candidate in the provincial exams. I’m not sure how to properly translate this to English, so it’s just this long descriptor for now. 

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